Rocky Point Spring Break 2015

Mexican insurance for Rocky Point

Spring Break 2015

If you love sunshine and water, Rocky Point is an outstanding vacation choice. You can typically expect beautiful conditions, but spring can be very active in the area. This makes it important to plan a bit for Easter week or other spring travel in the area. You can expect to find lots of activities that are aimed at making your stay memorable. However, planning is important to ensure that you have a place to stay and that you have what you need to get into and out of the country legally. Mexican insurance for Rocky Point is a priority so that your financial obligations are covered if you are involved in any type of auto accident. Your Mexican auto insurance  serves as a proof of financial responsibility in such a situation. Additionally, your car insurance includes legal assistance for addressing such situations.

Entering the Country

Because travel to Rocky Point lies within the tourist corridor, you don’t need a tourist permit if your stay will be 72 hours or less. However, a longer stay does require that you have a valid tourist permit. This can be handled just after your entry. You might manage without it as you spend time in Rocky Point, but there can be times at which officials at checkpoints will ask about your permiso. Similarly, your insurance is required from the time you first drive onto Mexican soil. Although you might never need to show proof of Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point, a lack of coverage in the event of a wreck could complicate your vacation dramatically. There really isn’t any good reason to bypass the purchase of Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point because you can find affordable and top-rated policies online.

Enjoying the Area

Rocky Point offers outdoor activities that appeal to all ages, making it a great destination for your family or on your own. Be sure that your Mexican insurance is suited to your vehicle’s value and your travel situation. If you won’t be using your car much, for example, comprehensive coverage is wise to guard against theft and vandalism situations.

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  • Rueben Spates
    August 11, 2015 5:30 pm

    Just as expected, hundreds of thousands of Canadians and Americans are likely to take their spring break to Rocky Point. With these multitudes, your Mexico insurance will be your absolute protection.

  • Shera Fosdick
    August 24, 2015 5:16 pm

    After your Rocky Point vacation in Mexico and you’re driving back to US, it’s important that your speed be dropped to 40 km/hr. It’s a speed trap when nearing the last curve to Sonayta. You can be protected by your Mexico insurance.

  • When driving to Rocky Point, you need your passport and then look for a place to stay. Along the road, only one thing can be counted on—your Mexican auto insurance.

  • An amazing vacation in Mexico can turn into an adventure! The activities, beaches, culture, food, and Mexicans are all fabulous!

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