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Gourmet ice pops have become quite popular with those who spend time reviewing recipe sites and Pinterest boards, but Mexico is one of the best places to go for delicious cold treats. You might try a recipe that you find online, but you can’t duplicate the atmosphere of indulging in a creamy treat while listening to a bit of ranchero music in the background. You can find these treats in border cities, but don’t forget to obtain Mexico insurance online before you go. Even a day trip requires an appropriate Mexico car insurance policy.

Finding a paletería

The well-known paletería chain of Paletas Michoacán is the primary spot to stop for the best cool treats in Mexico. You aren’t limited to Popsicle treats, but these will provide you with many exciting flavor choices. Nuez and coco are two spectacular flavors in pops or ice cream scoops. Nuez is similar to a butter pecan flavor, and coco features delicious chunks of shredded coconut. Be cautious with fruity pops that feature splashes of red. Although there are refreshing options such as strawberry and watermelon, red can also indicate chili flavors such as chamoy.

the ice lollies


Beverage options at Paletería Michoacán are also excellent, especially on warm days. Try a licuado de sandía or melón, a fruity drink that is a bit less thick than a smoothie. You’ll also find excellent limeades at some locations. Tip: Mexico insurance online is required, so pick up Mexico insurance before heading across the border!

Finding Mexico insurance online for a day

A day in Mexico can be affordable or expensive based on where you spend your time. Similarly, you’ll find a Mexico insurance policy for a day that can be pricey or affordable. You might be tempted to skimp on coverage because of the short time you expect to spend in the country. However, it would be best to ensure that your policy includes some essential features, including roadside assistance and legal protection. When Mexico insurance online provides roadside assistance, for example, you can get help for running out of gas or for a dead battery. In town, you might manage such issues independently, but a service provider can simplify such matters. This benefit included with Mexico insurance policies also provides for locksmith support if you lock yourself out.

What Are Paletas? Mexican Treats to Try – Mexico Insurance Online

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