Walking Mexican Streets as a Pedestrian and Mexico Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store

Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance Store

Pothole in Monterray

Walking Mexican Streets as a Pedestrian and Mexico Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store

By the time they visit Mexico, most people already have years of pedestrian experience. Mexico may be more pedestrian-friendly than other countries, but each country has a different set of traffic rules, pedestrians have to be aware of hidden and unseen dangers when navigating Mexican streets.

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Popular, protected attractions like ancient ruins have and parking areas great distances away from these fragile structures. These vehicle-free walks make an easy commute for pedestrians; however other cities may not even provide pedestrians with a crosswalk. While Mexican drivers tend to be respectful towards income-contributing tourists, some see unsuspecting travelers crossing streets and decide to speed-up.

Walk This Way…

In areas where pedestrians must walk on the road, never attempt to cross road puddles unless you can see the puddle’s bottom. Rainfall fills potholes and a small puddle may actually be a foot deep pothole filled with rainwater. To avoid  injury, it is best to walk around, rather than through, these areas.

Pedestrian dangers aren’t only from vehicles. Outside of tourist zones and particularly in poorer areas or rural towns, many of Mexico’s sidewalks are in disrepair or not present. When walking in any unfamiliar area, always be on the lookout for people, vehicles and poorly-maintained sidewalks. It can be easy to sprain an ankle or worse.

Dangers come from above, too. Pedestrians need to be observant for sea birds who may view unsuspecting visitors as restroom targets. Additional aerial dangers include falling fruits like mangoes, coconut and other large objects that could cause serious injury to pedestrians.

Slow down and take your time. Just as drivers need to be cautious navigating Mexican roads, pedestrians need to use caution when navigating Mexican streets and beaches. Mexico has decent transportation options and you may want to alternate a day of walking with a chartered boat tour, rail voyage or bus excursion, but driving your own vehicle is best.

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