Visiting Mexico During Hurricane Season!

Travelers visiting
famous Mexico street.

Mention the word “hurricane season” when talking about travel plans and most people will advise you not to go there. Hurricanes are facts of life in many parts of the world, though; just because it’s hurricane season, however, doesn’t mean that one of these massive storm systems is inevitable. Thanks to its many prime ocean side destinations, the country of Mexico experiences its own fair share of hurricanes. Believe it or not, though, but visiting during hurricane season isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

Get In and Get Out with Mexican Car Insurance

There are many perks to driving into Mexico; with Mexican insurance coverage from, you can do so with ease. If you visit Mexico during hurricane season, driving in can make it easier to get out quickly if the need arises. An online Mexican auto insurance policy will also protect you if your car is physically damaged. Buy your Mexican car insurance before you leave. Keep a copy of your Mexican insurance with you throughout your trip. Chances are, you won’t need to file a claim with your Mexican auto insurance; if you need to, though, you’ll be glad that you have it.

Handling an Evacuation

Risky? Absolutely. If you win the bet, though, you can save tons of money on your Mexican vacation. In Mexico, hurricane season generally runs from June to November. Plan a midsummer vacation to Mexico, then, and you can enjoy sparser crowds, lower prices, and a more relaxed time. In the scheme of things, the real risk of a hurricane is actually quite slim.

As long as you heed any warnings that may be announced – for instance, if a tropical storm is upgraded to a hurricane – you shouldn’t have to worry about your personal safety while visiting Mexico during hurricane season. That being said, complying with mandatory evacuations is critical. Those who have flown into the country have a much harder time of things than those who have their own vehicles. Therefore, it definitely pays to drive into Mexico during hurricane season. If the need arises, you can be on your way lickety-split.

Save Some Money

The most expensive time of year to visit Mexico is during the North American winter. After all, snowbirds from Canada and northern parts of the U.S. flock to the sunny climes of Mexico. As a result, winter is the most expensive time to visit the country. If you are very strapped for cash but still want to enjoy your own Mexican vacation, driving south of the border during the summer is the best way to go. As worrisome as a hurricane may be, the chances of one actually happening while you’re there are extremely slim.

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