Visiting Mexico City Parks and Plazas!

If looking for a day of tranquility at a budget-friendly price, consider visiting one of Mexico Citys numerous parks. These locations allow travelers to stop and enjoy the real Mexico; watching men play dominoes, listening to the sounds of local musicians, and tasting foods from cafes and street vendors.

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Chapultepec Park dates back to Meso-American times and was a popular destination for Aztecs. After the Spanish arrived, the park was used as an upscale destination for Spanish. While less crowded during the week than on weekends, Chapultepec Park offers visitors plenty of grassy areas, lakes and natural springs; perfect for artists, reading enthusiasts or budding poets. While there, nearby attractions include art galleries, history museums and performance theaters.

Alameda Central Park is smaller than Chapultepec and offers a more intimate setting. Another popular destination with Mexico’s Nineteenth Century upper-class, this park commemorates Mexicos struggle for independence. If visiting, look for the statue of Benito Juarez, one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution. The statue was placed there in 1910 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Mexico’s battle to become an independent nation.

The Castillo de Chapultepec was used as a battleground against U.S. troops in 1847. This former-military stronghold was later converted into a palace that was home to Mexican Presidents Maximilian and Diaz.

Xochimilco was once a park used by the Aztec people that featured beautiful, flowing gardens. To preserve the Aztec, as well as the parks heritage, people dressed in their finery can be observed taking rides in flower-covered boats. Parades of boats connected together can also be seen following a couple interested in a musical serenade.

More modern parks are located in Mexico Citys urban environments. The Zona Rosa and Polanco districts offer examples of pocket parks tucked away in Mexicos business and fashion districts. Urban parks highlighting Mexican artists are also located in Mexico City. If interested in visiting one of these colorful locations, proceed to the Colonia Condesa or Coyoacan areas. Visiting Mexico City Parks and Plazas!

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