You don’t have to be rolling in dough to enjoy a vacation down in Mexico. There are plenty of tips and tricks to cut costs so that you can spend some downtime south of the border. The first step is to drive instead of fly. In addition to having a reliable vehicle, you’re going to need Mexican insurance coverage. To get the most competitive price, buy Mexican auto insurance from online Mexican Insurance Learn more about spending less on a Mexican vacation and saving with Mexican insurance coverage below.

Rough It

You’ll save a ton of money by driving to Mexico instead of flying there. Although you’ll need a Mexican insurance policy, you’ll be blown away by how cheap this insurance is on the Internet. The next major expense is lodging. Why spend a ton of cash on a hotel that you’re only going to use at night? Try camping instead. After all, you’ll spend most of your time on the beach. Why waste money on an actual room? Just bring along a tent and stay at campgrounds instead. Your bill will be dramatically lower by handling things this way. If you go online you can save on Mexican insurance coverage as well. Buy Mexican auto insurance online and you will be offered more choice and better quality policy.

Spend Less on Food and a Mexican Insurance policy

One thing that never costs much in Mexico is food. You can eat very well on a very limited budget. If funds are especially tight though, there are ways to spend even less on food. Most notably, you should carry around a backpack that’s stuffed with snacks. When hunger strikes, nosh on a granola bar or some crackers. Just plan on having one actual meal per day. You’ll be able to splurge a little when you do dine out, and you’ll be able to get away with spending a lot less on food in general.

Travel as a Group

Another great way to spend less on a Mexican road trip is by traveling as a group. Invite plenty of others to tag along, but make sure that everyone can contribute their fair share to the bill. Everyone will split the cost of fuel, and everyone can chip in to pay for Mexican auto insurance as well. When it’s all said and done, you will all be able to enjoy an amazing vacation in Mexico for a small fraction of what you would otherwise pay. You can definitely have your cake and eat it too.

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  • Munroe Flanders
    May 10, 2013 5:32 pm

    It’s no way for me to fly. I’m not used to it and I am scared of flying. Driving is a lot safer especially now that I have bought Mexican car insurance. I’m lucky enough to have a policy that’s easily affordable.

  • York Guerrini
    August 1, 2013 5:50 pm

    Driving to Mexico has indeed saved a lot of my money. For one, the Mexican auto insurance was cheap. I had no complaints other than not having to extend my stay there.

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