Visit Janitzio Island in Mexicos Lake Patzcuaro with Mexican Insurance!

Some of Mexicos most famous resort towns and attractions overshadow a lot of its hidden jewels. Most Americans and Canadians who visit Mexico fail to reach too far into its interior. Which is too bad, because there are many unique and worthwhile places to visit. With quality Mexican insurance from Mexican Insurance Store online, its easy to explore exciting parts of the country. One great option is to head down to the state of Michoacan. Within Lake Patzcuaro, you will find the charming island of Janitzio.

Getting to Lake Patzcuaro

Lake Patzcuaro is located roughly between Mexico City and Manzanillo, in the west part of the country. To drive there safely, you must have Mexican auto insurance. At any point on your journey, you could end up in a car accident. If you are, car insurance for Mexico will keep you out of jail. Should you choose to venture down to Lake Patzcuaro without Mexican insurance, you will be putting yourself at risk of some very serious trouble. Avoid all of that by investing in a good policy online before you head down.

About Lake Patzcuaro

Lake Patzcuaro is massive. Its original inhabitants believed it to be the place where the barrier between death and life was the thinnest. That legend may give the lake a spooky ambiance, but the truth is that it is exceedingly lovely. It is surrounded by steep slopes and volcanic mountains that give it a dramatic and utterly unique look. It is dotted with small islands; among them, Janitzio Island is the most famous. A small town by the same name is located on the island, and you can take a boat over there with ease.

Exploring Janitzio

A 120 foot tall statue of Jose Maria Morelos, one of the main heroes of the Mexican independence, dominates the tiny town of Janitzio. It is located at the towns highest point; you can climb a spiral staircase inside it to get to the top. There, small peepholes provide amazing views of the lake and other islands. Make sure to check out the island’s famous fishermen, too, who use unique butterfly shaped nets to catch the island’s most famous delicacy, pescado blanco. By the time you head back to shore, you will have enjoyed a wonderful and eye opening experience on this romantic and inviting island. Visit Janitzio Island in Mexicos Lake Patzcuaro with Mexican insurance!

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