Visit Cuatros Cienegas, the Galapagos of Mexico!

Living in Arizona brings many perks along with it. One notable example is the ease of driving down to Mexico. Mexico is bursting at the seams with great attractions for Arizona travelers. An investment in Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store for Arizona residents allows you to drive down and see some truly exceptional sights. One prime example is Cuatras Cienegas, or Four Marshes, which is a unique ecological area in the northern part of Mexico that is most famous for its pozas, or pools.

Planning a Trip to Cuatros Cienegas

Its easy to buy Mexico auto insurance for Arizona travelers and drive down to Cuatros Cienegas. You will be thrilled by how affordable Mexico car insurance for Arizona residents is. You will also be happy with how easy it is to order and print Mexican insurance for Arizona residents online. Once you have Mexican auto insurance for Arizona travelers in hand, the rest of the planning is a snap. Just jump in the car and hit the road down towards the Mexican state of Coahuila. From Arizona, the drive isn’t terribly long, and the rewards of making the drive are considerable.

The Pozas of Cuatros Cienegas

The pozas, or pools, of Cuatros Cienegas are what makes it famous. They are fed by underground waterways; they shift, too, so the number changes from one season to the next. While there are a few permanent pozas in the park, most notably the large one named Poza la Becerra, many of them come and go over time. One thing that most of them share is a stunning blue color and cold, inviting temperature. After all, these are desert lands where travelers become very warm in very little time.

Other Things to Do in Cuatros Cienegas

Although the pools of Cuatras Cienegas put it on the map, there is plenty more to do in the area. The Dunas de Yesu, stunning dunes of gypsum, are a lot of fun to explore. Swimming and cavorting along the Rio Mezquite is another great way to while away the time while you visit. Camping is also allowed in many areas. On a historical note, theres a statue of former president Venustiano Carranza, who was born in the nearby village of Cuatras Cienegas, that is worth a look. All told, this stunning park is a testament to the beauty and elegance of the Mexican landscape. Visit Cuatros Cienegas, the Galapagos of Mexico!

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