Visit Central Mexico And Enjoy Colonial Life!

Central Landmark Cathedral

Do you want to spend your vacation in Mexico Colonial style? What if, you get to enjoy colonial life with exotic food and tequila? The central part of Mexico are full of historic centers, colonial buildings and churches featuring magnificent architecture and plazas full of fascinating fountains and statues. The attractive cities are enough to lure travelers from every part of the world, be it from Asia, US or Canada! The cities have got so much that you can rely on public transport to see every attraction in short span of time. Hence, it is always recommended to drive your own vehicle.

There is so much to enjoy in Central Mexico that you cannot afford driving without your own transportation. But remember, you need to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians before you enter the Republic of Mexico and start traveling.

If you get into car accident, the Mexican government will not consider any US or Canadian auto insurance policies. Therefore, Mexican Car Insurance is necessary. According to experts, you should buy Mexico Insurance at as it provides you the freedom to prepare beforehand. Moreover, you can avoid any delays waiting in line and paying additional fees and getting unknown coverage by buying the Mexican Car Insurance at the border.


One of the most important cities in central part of Mexico is Guanajuato. If miss out on visiting the beautiful city, you miss the real essence of Mexican culture, history and architecture. Canadian visitors visit the city to see the museums and architecture. One of the most notable museums in the city is The Mummies Museum. While exploring through the museum, you will come across more than 100 mummies of children, men and women. To get a look of the culture and traditions of the city visit the main square which is known as the peace plaza. More than 100 years old plaza features beautiful sculptures known as monuments to peace. If you get a closer look of the architecture in Guanajuato, Juarez Theater and San Diego de Alcantara temple are the best structures to visit.


If you want to spend a peaceful vacation while admiring temples, museums and archeological sites, you should visit Queretaro. Archeology lovers from Canada visit El Cerrito Archeological Site especially to see the pre Hispanic settlement of Teotihuacan. Get a closer of beautiful architecture at the temple of La Santa Cruz which was built in 17th century. Another worth visiting building in the city is San Felipe Neri Temple. You will come across blend of several architectural styles in the design of the cathedral. Visit Central Mexico And Enjoy Colonial Life!

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  • Frederick Sum
    July 7, 2013 5:28 pm

    Visit Baja Mexico because it is rich in history with endless places to be discovered. Your family will definitely enjoy going there especially your kids.

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