Vacation Planning Guide for Mexican Birding Enthusiasts – Mexican Insurance Services from Mexican Insurance

Vacation Planning Guide for Mexican Birding Enthusiasts – Mexican Insurance Services from Mexican Insurance

With a diverse landscape spanning coast to coast, Mexico is an ideal vacation destination for birding enthusiasts with numerous beaches, towering mountaintops, semi-tropical rainforest areas, and naturally-occurring, freshwater lakes.

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The summer months are optimal times to see newly-arrived migratory pelicans, terms and gulls. Winter months may yield mallard and mottled ducks in marsh areas. Found year-round, there are a variety of egrets and herons dining on freshwater fish. They come in shades of white, blue, green and gray. Always on the move, seaside ospreys soar over waters while lake-based cormorants and anhingas dive to catch their prey. Mexico’s Pacific and Gulf beaches and nearby inland areas allow bird watchers to view shore and marsh birds.

A visit to Mexico’s rainforest provides birding enthusiasts opportunities to see keel-billed and chestnut-mandible toucans, parrots, and Mexico’s most famous and rare bird; the quetzal, who may be discovered in high, moist locations. Bird watchers exploring jungle locations can arrange for a guided tour that is specifically tailored to wildlife enthusiasts and narrated by experienced guides.

Unknown to most travelers, one of the most hidden locations that yield excellent bird watching opportunities is mangrove lagoons. Because juvenile and small fish seek protection from aquatic predators, they hide in the mangrove tree’s submerged roots. This attracts many wading birds who view these areas as excellent fishing grounds.

Eco-parks and wildlife sanctuaries also provide excellent birding opportunities. While many eco-parks are more commercial than natural and come with hefty admission prices, there are many smaller, eco-parks and conservation areas whose concern is more about preserving Mexico’s natural state rather than turning a quick profit. If visiting one of these facilities, typical admission charges should not be more than $10 per person. Wildlife sanctuaries may or may not charge an admission fee but always welcome monetary donations that are used to help fund the animals’ care.

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