Use your Mexican car insurance at to fix car issues

Use your Mexican car insurance at to fix car issues

So you’ve prepped your car and checked your tires. As you head across the border, you may still wonder what to do if you have car problems on the road. Remember that your Mexican car insurance at gives you access to travel assistance for roadside emergencies. It’s important to be prepared with some vocabulary and information about car services in Mexico so that you won’t be as stressed if your car acts up. Take the time to buy the right Mexican insurance by for your vehicle.

Vehicle vocabulary and foreign help

Some of the following terms may come in handy if you have a breakdown and need to explain your issue to a Spanish-speaking passerby:

  • Tire – llanta (pronounced yawn-tah)
  • Tire shop – llantera (pronounced yawn-tair-uh)
  • Brakes – frenos (pronounced fray-nose)
  • Oil – aceite (pronounced ah-say-tay)
  • Water – agua (pronounced ah-gwah)
  • Antifreeze – anticonhelante (pronounced on-tea-cone-hay-lawn-tay)
  • Mechanic – mecánica (pronounced may-con-eee-caw

Having Mexican car insurance at is required when driving in Mexico!

While the thought of explaining an issue in another language may sound intimidating, signs and signals are helpful. You can point to problems as well. One of the most important things to remember is that you can use your Mexican insurance by to get bilingual support as you figure out how to get back on the road. Travel assistance procedures include dispatch of a tow truck or emergency assistance vehicle and return contact until help arrives. In addition to protecting your vehicle, your Mexican car insurance at can save you from a significant hassle.

Shops to look for

The llantera shops in Mexico are a bit more rustic than your typical tire shop at home. However, you can get a tire patched or find a replacement as needed in most communities. It’s helpful to remember that if you have a warranty on your tires, your terms may be voided through foreign repair. However, the alternative is no tire at all. In larger towns, you may find familiar companies that offer tire and auto service, and you may want to opt for a more professional setting. Mechanic shops will be similarly rustic in smaller communities, but you can usually get assistance with common vehicle problems.

Make sure to buy Mexican car insurance at before you take off! Investing in a Mexican insurance by is one of the easiest ways to secure your safety in a foreign country.

Mexican car insurance at includes free roadside assistance!

Mexican car insurance at

Roadside Assistance in Mexico

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  • Thanks for the vocabulary you’ve provided. I’ve just taken my online Mexican insurance for my car but didn’t even know the slightest of Spanish. This gonna help me a lot!

  • Lanora Heinecke
    March 29, 2017 4:57 pm

    One thing to consider when driving to Mexico is that your American or Canadian policy at home isn’t honored if you’re in other country like Mexico.

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