Senor Mex says: In general, driving in Mexico isn’t difficult. It’s a lot like driving n the U.S. and Canada. The laws are quite similar, for instance, and people drive on the right side of the road. The condition of the roads in Mexico can be sketchy, though, and finding your way around can be tricky as a result. If you map out your route and have to make a detour due to poor road conditions, getting back on track can be difficult. One way to minimize the risk of getting lost is by using a GPS. You have to make sure your GPS has up-to-date maps for Mexico. Don’t forget the Mexican auto insurance policy from Without it, you could find yourself in a lot of hot water. A quality Mexican auto insurance policy will help keep you out of jail.

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“Using the Garmin 010-10755-00 Mexico Card with the Garmin nuvi 255

Use of the card is quite simple: it slips into a card slot on the side of the nuvi GPS, and automatically loads.

Using the GPS in Mexico proves to be more satisfactory by setting the spoken language to American English, without the TTS designation. This gives directions without street names, but considering (1) many streets in Mexico are unsigned (or it is difficult to find the sign), and (2) vocalized pronunciation of Spanish names by the GPS is often unintelligible, this is preferred. Without vocalizing street names, the GPS gives directions by distance, such as “In 100 feet, turn right”. Setting the spoken voice to Spanish is also an option, but is not recommended for U.S. tourists.”

Do you use GPS in Mexico and buy a Mexican auto insurance policy when driving?

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