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Mexican Auto Insurance – Unique Tourism News in Baja’s Rosarito Community

You might be surprised to learn that Baja California actually has an active scuba diving community. You might be even more surprised that this group has been working for some time on obtaining permits that will allow for a major step toward creating a greater draw for tourism in the Rosarito community through diving interests. The sinking of a Mexican naval vessel will provide the beginning development of an underwater park as the ship becomes the first artificial reef in the Baja area. If you are a diving enthusiast, you might do your preliminary investigation by obtaining Mexican auto insurance for travel. Your Mexico insurance coverage can be obtained for as little as one day or for as long as one year.

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Sea of Cortez coral reef with a multitude of colorful marine life

What is an artificial reef?

An artificial reef is a man-made structure that is placed or created below water. The goal of such a structure is to attract marine life. A structure could also be used for tactical reasons, including to block the passage of ships or to prevent erosion.

An artificial reef in the Rosarito community would hopefully attract schools of fish, lobsters, octopus, and other sea materials. Those involved in the plan are hoping that this will encourage more travel south of the border during times when diving activity can be ideal even if travel is not. From fall to spring, tourism lulls in the area, but with Southern California’s diving population close at hand, this new reef could eventually cause this off-season travel to thrive.

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News about Mexican auto insurance

If you want to check out the progress on the reef, you will need proper Mexico insurance coverage. Although requirements are consistent for both Mexican and non-Mexican drivers, you may not be aware of any news updates about coverage requirements if you get a policy at the border. Your Mexico insurance coverage can be handled online, which also allows you to keep up with relevant news through email updates. You can also adjust or update your Mexican auto insurance with ease as needed.

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