Unique Can’t Miss Sites in Northern Baja Travel

Northern Baja travel can be an exciting adventure, and scenery along the way can vary dramatically. While the early portion of the drive provides amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, there are some hidden treasures among the valleys and hills as you proceed South on the Transpeninsular Highway after traveling through Ensenada. It’s important to do a little bit of research if you want to plan your experience for maximum enjoyment. It’s also helpful to remember that a reliable vehicle is necessary. You won’t reach these spots from a cruise ship, and a little local interaction may be needed for pinpointing exact locations. car insurance for Mexico at Mexican Insurance Store is important as you drive deeper into Baja.

One of the most visible sites outside of Ensenada is the Santo Tomás Vineyards, nearly 30 miles south of Ensenada. A winery is available in Ensenada for tastings and tours, but the view of the vineyards from the highway is breathtaking. The spot is close to the ruins of an old mission though there is little left of the historic structures. While wine tasting and purchases are handled in Ensenada at Bodegas de Santo Tomás, a stop to observe grapevines and structures in the Santo Tomás area is worthwhile. Additional families in the Santo Tomás Valley have explored the winemaking art in the area, making the most of their fertile soil and beautiful crops, and a little local investigation may pay great dividends for the connoisseur.

Nearly 110 miles south of Ensenada on the Transpeninsular Highway, the small community of San Telmo provides the turn toward San Pedro Martir, a national park that is truly a treasure for residents of and visitors to the region. Traveling east from the junction, 50 miles of rough road leads to a beautiful forested area. The area is of special interest to many scientific communities because of the varieties of plant and animal life found. The destination is an amazing find in Northern Baja travel for those who love camping, hiking and biking, and local rangers are available for information about camp sites and rules. Don’t miss the National Astronomic Observatory at the end of the road, a vista from which both the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez can be seen on a clear day.

One of the most surprising and spectacular views in Northern Baja travel is found just a few miles north of El Rosario. El Rosario is approximately 150 miles south of Ensenada, and approaching the area, it’s imperative that you watch for the correct road marker, the 47.5 kilometer post. Travel west on the dusty road to find La Lobera, a fantastic sink hole that serves as a private beach for local sea lions. The natural formation has seen increased activity as local developers created a safe viewing location in the side of the natural crater in 2011. The area is rugged, demanding careful vigilance of children. However, the trip off the beaten path is captivating. Prime viewing of sea lions occurs between February and May.

Each of these areas requires sound transportation. They also involve a significant amount of driving after you cross the border. Make sure that you secure proper car insurance for Mexico in advance of your travels.

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San Pedro Martir

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  • Napoleon Stauffer
    August 7, 2013 5:56 pm

    One of the reasons why I like spending time at Northern Baja is due to its beautiful scenery. I like to drive my car over there and watch the sky turn dark at dusk. Of course I have purchased the Mexican insurance. I don’t want to go there without protection.

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