Understanding Traffic Tickets in Mexico!

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Since youre most likely heading down to Mexico in order to get away from it all, the last thing that you want to deal with is a traffic ticket. Still, things happen – and the Mexican authorities are notorious for giving out tickets at the drop of a hat. You shouldnt let the fear of receiving a ticket deter you from experiencing this amazing country, though – you just need to educate yourself about how the process works.

Protect Yourself with Mexico Insurance

First things first: You should make sure to invest in a topnotch Mexico insurance policy before stepping foot across the border. Although car insurance for Mexico won’t hold much sway in terms of avoid a ticket, it will help you enormously in the case of an accident. Indeed, Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store could even keep you out of jail. Its possible to buy reputable and reliable car insurance for Mexico online, too, so it doesnt have to be an inconvenience. With Mexican auto insurance, you can safeguard yourself against some truly serious problems.

Taking Care of a Traffic Ticket

As unfamiliar as some aspects of the Mexican legal system may be, theres nothing inherently scary or troubling about it. If you plan on spending time behind the wheel in Mexico, the following information is sure to come in handy.Whether you receive one for speeding, improper lane usage or some other issue, time is of the essence when it comes to receiving a ticket in Mexico. However, thats not to say that you have to interrupt the rest of your trip with a stop at the local police department. As long as you know how much you owe, you can usually mail in your payment. Be sure to ask the officer to highlight how much your fine is going to be. Its easy to find the mailing addresses of the local jurisdictions to which payments can be sent. Doing it this way can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Filing an Appeal

Considering how low most fines are in Mexico – for instance, the typical fine for running a red light ranges from $30 to $70 – it’s generally best to just pay the thing and get on with your life. However, if you have genuine cause to believe that you have been wronged or that you received the ticket in an unfair way, its possible to file an appeal. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to appear, in person, at the police department from which the ticket originated. This means time away from your vacation, so think long and hard before doing so.

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