Understanding Partial Theft and Vandalism Coverage for Mexican Insurance!

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Buying Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your vehicle during a visit to Mexico. Driving around in Mexico without decent Mexican Insurance is a definite recipe for disaster. Mexico auto insurance covers many things; however, it doesnt cover absolutely everything. All too often, people buy their Mexican car insurance policies without reading the fine print. Make sure that you fully understand what you are buying when you go online to buy your Mexico car insurance policy. 90% of the time, “full coverage” Car insurance for Mexico does not include coverage for partial theft or vandalism; unless you pay extra for an endorsement that adds this type of coverage extension. If you need that kind of extra protection, take the time to get the right policy.

What is Partial Theft?

The partial theft of a vehicle refers to the removal of accessories and parts that were permanently affixed to it. For instance, someone might steal the hubcaps off your car; if they were especially expensive, you will be out a lot of money. Thieves sometimes steal the airbags out of cars, too. In such cases, basic “full coverage” Mexican auto insurance wont usually help. You need to pay extra for partial theft coverage most of the time. If you are the type of person who decks your car out with extravagant accessories and parts or for anyone with a new vehicle, it may be worth it to invest in a Mexico auto insurance policy with additional partial theft coverage. If someone does abscond with your engine parts or seats, for instance, you should be covered.

Coverage for Vandalism

As the term implies, vandalism refers to the vandalism of a vehicle by another person. If you have a car that has an expensive custom paint job, for instance, youre sure to be dismayed to discover that someone has keyed your car. Mexico auto insurance usually doesnt cover the malicious destruction of a vehicle due to vandalism. Whether your tires get slashed or your windows get smashed, a basic “full coverage” insurance for Mexico policy may not be enough to help. If youre particularly worried about vandalism or theft, it is well worth it to enhance a basic “full coverage” insurance policy with vandalism protection.

Get the Coverage that You Need

Many people are perfectly happy with Full Coverage Mexico insurance coverage without Vandalism. If your car is your baby, though, and you spend a lot to make it look and perform exceptionally well, you will feel a lot more relaxed with vandalism and partial theft protection. When you go to buy your Mexico auto insurance policy, check out the price for this type of additional coverage. In most cases, the extra expense will be more than worth it for the peace of mind that it brings. Youll be able to drive around Mexico without the nagging worry that someone will take off with your hubcaps or key your car.

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