Senor Mex says: One of the most complicated things about sightseeing in Mexico City is getting around. You certainly don’t want to drive from place to place. In fact, there are strict restrictions on when and where you’re even allowed to do so. As vast as the city is, going on foot isn’t very practical. The public transportation system is okay, but it takes a while to get the hang of it. As far as taxis go, you can spend a small fortune in a short period of time. One fun alternative is to ride a bike. Whether you bring along your own bike or rent one for a day or two, you’ll get to see the city in a whole new way. Even if you never use your car in the city, maintain valid Mexico car insurance coverage from Mexican Insurance Store for your drive home. Good quality Mexico car insurance coverage is vital for a safe trip.

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“Flying over metropolitan Mexico City is a daunting sight. The city sprawls for miles and miles, and there is nothing but city as far as the eye can see. Yet when I visited the capital of Mexico in September, at ground level it turned out to be a city of neighborhoods, or colonias, each with their own unique identity and charm–and yes the traffic was pretty bad.

But I learned that it’s getting better and there is always Sunday: The day when the cars and traffic give way to the tranquility of families riding bicycles, pushing strollers, and rollerblading down the biggest boulevards that are closed to traffic from 7 am til 2 pm.”

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Do you purchase Mexico car insurance coverage when you bike in Mexico?

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Bicycling In Mexico

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  • Motor-biking in Mexico City can be the most convenient way to move faster in exploring it. However, you need to have Mexican Insurance cover as you can easily rum into another due to frequent emergency braking required.

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