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Mexico Insurance Policy – Trump News on Mexican Birthright Citizenship

Donald Trump may not have his facts straight on birthright citizenship in other countries, especially in Mexico. Although news reports feature his claims that America is the only nation with this policy, fact checking indicates that Mexico’s constitution confers nationality by virtue of being born in the country. Parental citizenship is not a mitigating factor. However, citizenship is not obtained by any person until reaching the age of 18. However, a child born in the country is considered to be a Mexican regardless of age and formal citizenship. Driving in Mexico, an individual should have a legal Mexico insurance policy in addition to a passport. Also with your Mexico insurance online, you might want to be sure to get your tourist permit updated if you are close to your deliver date as a pregnant visitor.

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Having a Baby in Mexico

Information about having a baby inside Mexico

Although it is unlikely that U.S. citizens will flood across the border into Mexico to have babies just to tap into the country’s benefits, it may be news to you that some Americans do give birth south of the border. This may be unplanned in the case of a tourist who goes into labor early. It may be planned as a family living in the country on a part- or full-time basis carries on its activities of daily living. If you deal with unanticipated labor, you might want to try getting across the border into the U.S., having local medical workers communicating the news to those who can help you to cross quickly. If you aren’t close to the border, you will need to locate a clinic or hospital in your area. These facilities may not meet your expectations in comparison to U.S. facilities, but you can typically find appropriate care unless a serious complication arises.

Obtaining proper documentation of the birth could involve difficult news if your tourist permit is not up to date. Make sure that you keep this information in a safe place as you travel. You will need to provide this at local government offices as you obtain a Mexican birth certificate for your newborn. You will also need to obtain a U.S. declaration of your young American being born abroad.

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Do you really need a Mexico insurance policy across the border? (yes)

Your Mexico insurance online won’t affect your child’s citizenship. However, a Mexico insurance policy is required for legal travel. Of course, you wouldn’t want inadequate Mexico insurance online to impede your ability to get back home before delivery.

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