Traveling to Mexico While Pregnant

Whether coming to Mexico to visit friends and family or enjoy a couples’ vacation before the baby arrives, pregnant travelers need to take extra precautions before heading to Mexico. First, women should see if traveling is even a viable option. Be sure to tell your obstetrician about your travel plans including destination, length of time away, travel mode and expected travel itinerary. He or she can advise you regarding limitations and any special dietary or environmental precautions you may need to follow, and provide you with emergency contact instructions.

After getting a medical clearance to travel, women should also check with their airlines regarding travel policies and expectant women. Many airlines do not allow women to fly during their last trimester. While you may only be in your first or second trimester now, plan accordingly; especially if booking an advance travel reservation. As airline travel regulations change on a daily basis, a week before your scheduled departure, confirm your reservations and remind the reservationist about your condition. If policies have changed, this should be enough time to secure another flight or discuss travel options with your doctor.

Driving in Mexico may become a necessity for pregnant travelers. Mexican authorities do not honor foreign US or Canadian car insurance policies. Those considering driving in Mexico, should obtain Mexican auto insurance which is available at low rates from online Mexican Insurance which also provides more information on Mexican car Insurance and driving in Mexico.

Once arriving in Mexico, take it slow. Don’t over exert yourself. Try to find a resort that offers many on-site amenities; including pregnancy massage. By having a resort with many nearby recreational options, pregnant women can engage in recreation and still be within a short walk back to their rooms. Getting enough rest and maintaining proper hydration is imperative for mother and baby.

Most importantly, don’t feel you are letting your party down if you need to stop or skip an activity. Vacationing is fun but regardless of condition, it must be done in a healthy and safe manner. There will be many more opportunities for a Mexican family vacation; only the next time, your little one will be able to see mom and dad having a great time.

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