Travel Mexico: The Mayan Culture Experience!

Mayan temple in Palenque, Mexico

Experiencing the culture of the world famous Maya people can be awesome when you have no limits. Driving yourself gives you the flexibility of managing your own time and being at a place you want whenever you want.

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Travel Mexico: The Mayan Culture Experience! For this type of thrill, a drive into Cancun and several days stay and driving around Mexico leaves you feeling like a Mayan. Once in Cancun you can drive to the Playa del Carmen go inland to Lagartos village. Here you can have lunch and also take a boat trip that takes you into the Rio Lagartos nature reserve.

Inside the reserve you will see pelicans, flamingos and caimans .You can also take a dip into the salt lake that keeps you afloat and also softens your skin.

A four hour drive from here will take you to Chichen Itza, ancient Mayan city, home to romantic haciendas with tropical gardens round it. After enjoying a slow drive or walk around the city you can move on to Izamal a small village where Mayan descendants stayed, the village has ancient houses and other Mayan artifacts still intact.

From the Mayan Izamal village you can proceed to the Puuc Route that takes you to Campeche, you can also see more Mayan ruins along the way. Along this road you find Uxmal, known for its statue, the rain god Chac.

The next town on this highway is the Campeche an interesting coastal town. From here you can drive into a Mexican jungle, the Palenque, along the way you are sure to find pigs and cows crossing the road so be advised to be at a minimal speed. You can miss the sharp bends and the livestock as you admire the beautiful view.

A drive to Palenque is one of the most beautiful and interesting in Mexico. One can also explore ruins of the Mayan temple, chambers of Bonampak where you can find murals that are still intact after many centuries. The ruins you see here help you to depict the lives of the Mayans. The images you see on the walls painted by the Mayans give you a vivid imagination of the lives of this ancient people.

You can spend as much time as you want at one spot as there are also other attractions to see, this however depends on your itinerary. However a one day drive around Cancun gives you the ultimate Mayan experience. For many this drive turns out to be an interesting history lesson about the Mayan people.

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