Travel Mexico – Sonora: Who Is Eligible To Drive With Mexican Insurance

You should be aware of the land law before visiting a foreign country, and Mexico is no exception. Before crossing the border, you should know the local laws and customs basics. Travel Mexico – Sonora. For example, if you are driving you Mexico, you will need Mexican insurance coverage. Whether you have an auto insurance policy back home or not, that’s true. Fortunately, there’s no need to check Mexico insurance rates for all drivers. Mexican insurance policies cover the vehicle, so anyone listed on the policy is eligible to drive as long as they are 21 with a valid driver’s license. Most Mexican insurance coverage excludes Mexican driver’s licenses.

Is there an age requirement to drive?

To be covered by Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, the driver must be at least 21 years old. You’re good to go as long as everyone driving is listed on the policy and at least 21 years of age. Never allow someone younger than the legal requirement to drive your vehicle south of the border. If there’s an accident, the Mexican car insurance policy will be invalid. Any costs incurred will have to be paid out of your pocket. That wouldn’t be an enjoyable way to spend your time in Mexico. However and that’s why Mexican insurance is vital for peace of mind in Mexico.

Is a valid ID necessary?

As is the case in the U.S. and Mexico, all drivers in Mexico must have valid driver’s licenses. There’s no need to have a Mexican driver’s license, though. Drivers who have Mexican driver’s licenses aren’t eligible to buy a Mexican insurance policy as Mexico insurance rates would be exorbitant. Make sure your driver’s license is valid before checking Mexico insurance rates and have the other drivers do the same. If your ID is expired, the authorities may have the right to take you to jail. Never get behind the wheel of a car in Mexico without a valid ID.

Keep a copy of your Mexican insurance coverage with you.

Even if you find quality Mexico insurance rates, they won’t do you any good if you don’t keep a copy of your Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance Store policy with you at all times. The cops will expect to see a copy of your insurance in the event of an accident. They can’t confirm that you have Mexican insurance coverage without seeing an actual copy. No amount of begging or pleading will help in this situation. So with that in mind, print out a few extra copies. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when driving in Mexico.

Travel Mexico – Sonora: Who Is Eligible To Drive With Mexican Insurance

Mexican insurance by Mexican Insurance Store

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  • Stanley Nance
    June 30, 2013 6:28 pm

    Well said… It is wise to be aware of the local laws and customs of the land before visiting a foreign place. Mexican insurance coverage is definitely a crucial aspect for those entering Mexico from other countries.

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