Travel Advice: Drinking Water in Mexico and Mexican Insurance

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Mexican Insurance and Travel Advice: Drinking Water in Mexico

Travelers have long been advised against drinking Mexican water. Even today, diarrhea among travelers is still prevalent but there are some instances where it is safe to drink Mexican water. If staying in a modern, chain hotel look for signs signifying the water has been purified. These will usually be in your room or posted on ice machines.

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Having readily-available, purified water at the hotel can allow a visitor to act as if he/she was at home. However, if needing to use bottled water at your hotel, remember to also use it to brush your teeth. In the unlikely even that your accidentally drink un-purified water, have some over-the-counter, anti-diarrhea medication on standby. Travelers will usually pack this with them but it can also be purchased at your hotel’s sundries shop or local pharmacy.

Higher-end hotels will also offer bottled water for your convenience and fees for this service are usually included in the daily resort charge. Should there be no signs indicating purified water, skip the tap and any ice machines. It is best to err on the side of caution rather than be sick.

At your hotel, pay careful attention to the breakfast buffet. While there may be signs posting the water has been treated, this pertains to the hotel only and not what comes into it. A large bowl of fresh fruit may look tempting but the fruit’s growing conditions can not be guaranteed.

When it doubt, if the item requires water either to cook with, eat or grow; unless you can be guaranteed the water is safe; best to stay away.

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Travel Advice: Drinking Water in Mexico and Mexican Insurance

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