Towing Your Vehicle South of the Border With Mexico Insurance

Mexico insurance

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Mexico insurance – Towing your vehicle south of the border

A long summer in Mexico may be an exciting adventure. Whether you stay in one community for the season or visit a variety of states and attractions, you may find that towing is appropriate based on your need for certain household goods or for an extra vehicle. Mexico insurance is required for legally traveling with any towing configuration. Additionally, there are many support features included with quality Mexican insurance to assist in cases of trouble.

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Towing safely

Although you may travel with a trailer or auxiliary car frequently, a south-of-the-border accident can be a nightmare. A trailer that comes loose on the highway, for example, can create a catastrophic chain reaction that can put you and others in harm’s way. Mexican officials have a unique talent for identifying your offenses in such a situation, and even the scrapes on the side of a federal highway can be viewed as an offense. Prior to your trip, be sure that all gear is intact. If you have towing gear, consider having it inspected for integrity to minimize your risk of a problem on the road. Additionally, take time to be sure that all connections are tight and secure, double-checking every time.

Pro Tip: Mexico insurance is required to drive on highways. Don’t forget to buy coverage before leaving

Weather can be one of the most serious hazards for those towing in Mexico. Additionally, unknown or unexpected road conditions can create problems. Be observant for road signs indicating topes, speed bumps, which can be placed on major roads. Exercise caution on narrow highway lanes, especially those with steep inclines and little emergency space on the side.

Important information about Mexico insurance and towing

When you tow, your Mexican insurance needs to include the trailer or vehicle in question. The primary vehicle’s policy needs to designate the specific towed item, making it important to make adjustments to your Mexico insurance if you will change vehicles or trailers on a later trip. If you will change towing configurations at any point during the trip, then be sure that each primary vehicle lists the towed item. In case of a towed vehicle, you will also need to have an independent Mexican insurance policy for that vehicle.

Mexico insurance from includes Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge

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