Top-Rated Mexico Insurance – The Advantages of Full Coverage

If you will be driving a beater car across the border, you may not care about top-rated Mexico insurance. However, only vehicles valued below $3,000 are ineligible for full coverage. Although you may look at your vehicle’s value as the main reason for choosing liability-only Mexican online insurance, you might want to re-think the options.

Auto accident involving two cars

Medical Coverage in a Wreck?

With a liability-only policy, your Mexican online insurance may cover some medical costs if you are in an accident in which the other driver is at fault and not insured. If you are at-fault, your costs are your responsibility. Of course, you might not have an accident. After all, most travelers buying top-rated Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store return home safely without incident. Unfortunately, an accident can happen to anyone, and it’s too late at that point to make the needed changes.

Theft Coverage

Top-rated Mexico insurance only provides theft protection with a full-coverage policy. In fact, a normal full-coverage policy of Mexican online insurance only addresses total theft, and an expanded policy might be a better choice due to the potential for partial theft or vandalism. If you will be driving in large cities or poor communities, this might be a wise investment to ensure that you can obtain assistance in connection with issues such as smashed windows or stolen parts. While this may never occur, an incident could cause an unpleasant change in trip costs and plans. At least an appropriate full-coverage Mexican online insurance policy can help with the issues.

Enjoy Add-On Benefits Regardless of Policy Choices

Your top-rated Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store includes some excellent add-on features that don’t cost extra, even if you still opt for liability-only coverage. These include:

  • Emergency assistance – don’t be stranded when you have a flat or lock yourself out.
  • Legal support – bilingual assistance if you have a wreck.
  • Travel interruption – rental coverage or return trip coverage if you have an interruption because of an accident.
  • Grave medical issues – return airfare or travel for a companion if a serious medical issue interferes with your plans.

Top-Rated Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store includes roadside assistance throughout Mexico

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