Top Mexican Holiday Foods and Activity Information and Mexico insurance

Mexico insurance

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Mexico insurance and Top Mexican Holiday Foods and Activity Information

If you are looking for ideas about foods and activities to include on your list as you travel near the holidays in Mexico, you’ll find that the bustle of the season is familiar in spite of the different flavors and timing. Before you go, be sure that you have adequate Mexico insurance. As you travel, your Mexican auto insurance provides protection in case of a roadside emergency in addition to accident protection.

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What traditional foods are featured during the holiday season?

As you wander through a Mexican grocery store on either side of the border during the holiday season, you might be surprised to see long sticks of sugar cane in the baskets of shoppers. The sugar cane is one of many ingredients included in ponche de Navidad, a fruity drink that is served hot. Piloncillo, a hard brown sugar, is used as well to sweeten the beverage. Fruits such as guayabas are also included in this beverage.

You’ll find that fried tortillas drizzled with honey, buñuelos, are popular desert items. Tamales are an absolute must for Christmas Eve, la Noche Buena. However, you don’t have to wait for that date to enjoy tamales. Bring them to your seasonal parties, and you will be one of the most appreciated guests in the house. As you look for good spots to sample these treats in Mexico, try larger restaurants that have extensive menus. Small stands tend to specialize only in one type of food, and there is little chance of getting tamales and buñuelos in these settings. However, you may find vendors offering these goods temporarily.

Road trip tip: Mexico insurance is now required so select Mexican auto insurance ahead of time!

What Mexico insurance for tourists is best?

If you will spend much time in Mexico, you want Mexican auto insurance that offers high liability coverage as you travel through different states. If you will only visit a border state, you may be able to opt for a policy with lower limits but you will want to verify state requirements to be sure your coverage is sufficient for addressing costs in case of a fatality wreck. Remember to take a copy of your as proof of your ability to pay if you are responsible for a wreck.

Each Mexico insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost.

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  • Mexico is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit. Beaches are stunning and irresistible. Special bonding can be celebrated through a family travel.

  • Adella Jarrells
    January 8, 2020 7:21 pm

    Food is a main core of a vacation in Mexico. With that, it is a must to keep food safely handled. Make food safety a priority.

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