Setting out for a driving vacation to Mexico can be exciting, and there’s really no need to take a side trip to get Mexico auto insurance near the border. You can purchase Mexican car insurance for tourists days before your trip, which will shave some time from your drive while also allowing you to focus more on your plans for the long weekend holiday.

Activities in larger Mexican cities

A short-term trip that will include a stop in an active border city like Tijuana may allow you to enjoy more of the tourist side of the area. This can include shopping for various types of Mexican handcrafts like leather purses, ceramic figures, and silver jewelry. You can also enjoy photo opportunities as vendors allow you to pose in traditional Mexican garb or mount a burro. Some of these activities can be goofy, but this is the appeal of a tourist zone. You’ll find lots of great Mexican food in a tourist zone. You can also move into retail districts to explore a Mexican mall, high-class restaurants, and more elite stores. If you choose to explore smaller communities within these cities, you’ll enjoy flea markets and various types of food stands.

Pro Tip: Mexico auto insurance gives you access to the toll roads, so buy Mexican car insurance for tourists before taking off!

Towns along the ocean can be great for relaxing with a good book, looking for shells, or attempting to spot early whale activity as the grey whales swim south. You may find horseback riding and golf opportunities as well. Some areas feature wineries and art fairs, which can appeal to your cultural interests. Small towns are typically tranquil, excellent for those who simply want to enjoy a quiet vacation.

Why exactly do you need Mexico Auto Insurance?

Mexican car insurance for tourists needs to be effective at all times that your vehicle is on Mexican soil. Unless they value your vehicle at less than $3,000, it is wise to opt for a comprehensive policy. This will ensure that you have coverage in case of a serious accident that causes major damage to your vehicle. You should review recommended limits for Mexico auto insurance so that you are covered for a worst-case scenario such as a fatality accident. You’ll find these recommendations based on Mexican states when you buy coverage.

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