Top 5 Mexico Travel Souvenirs

Top 5 Mexico Travel Souvenirs

One of the best things associated with venturing to a new destination is taking advantage of the location’s shopping possibilities. Mexico has a rich cultural heritage and abundant natural resources and offers shoppers many opportunities to find the perfect souvenir.

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Some of the best tangible and non-tangible souvenirs are as follows:

1. Oaxacan wood carvings– Made in Oaxaca and found all over Mexico, these brightly colored wood carvings feature some naturally occurring and mythological animals in Mexico. While these can be purchased anywhere in Mexico, prices are the lowest in Oaxaca and ensure tourists are not buying lower-quality imported goods. Travelers can watch Oaxacan woodcarvers at work and buy animals direct from the carver’s studio.

2. Clothing – While sombreros are made for authentic wear, many are also manufactured for the tourist trade. To purchase a more useful clothing item, You can find Mexican pantsuits for men and dresses for women in the more rural parts of Mexico. Its easy can find some of the best opportunities for these types of clothing in Oaxaca. Here, travelers will discover embroidered men’s pantsuits and dresses displaying hand-sewn flowers for women.

3. Jewelry – Taxaco is the perfect location for silver jewelry shopping. Jewelry and other silver items are mined here and crafted locally. Prices are low but can be negotiated for even more significant savings.

4. Pottery– Since Mexico is a geologically diverse land, the soil can produce unique types of clay. Red clay is the most popular type of clay for producing Mexican pottery. However, for a rare kind of souvenir, try to purchase pottery made from black clay.

5. Artwork – Older, Colonial towns are meccas for artwork. Whether purchasing a photograph of an old church to watching an artisan produce an oil-painting replica of a historic location, travelers are free to wander in artists’ galleries. Often located inside museums, many pieces can be shipped home.

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