While traveling in tourist areas of Mexico can be simple enough in terms of language, you may encounter situations in which your Spanish skills fall short of what seems necessary to navigate. Tourist areas tend to have plenty of ambitious English speakers, especially when a potential sale is in flux. However, sales can be confusing in areas that rely more on your understanding of Spanish. With Mexican auto insurance online, you can travel not only in the tourist corridor but beyond to expand your speaking abilities. You can get your Mexico insurance quote to avoid delays prior to crossing the border.

Learning Through Immersion

Your selection of a Mexican auto insurance online is handled in English, especially when you take care of it from home online. Trying to get coverage after crossing the border could be disastrous if you don’t understand the terms well. As you drive farther from the tourist areas in the border zone, you will have more Spanish-dominated conversation during your stops. You will also be exposed to signs and billboards that are written in Spanish. Try tuning your vehicle’s radio to a local station for additional ambiance.

Some of the spots you will find as necessary points of interaction include gas stations and restaurants. You might want to research terms like filling the tank to ensure that you drive away with what you need. Sign language can help, and a dictionary or translation app on your smartphone can be helpful as well. A few useful phrases for asking questions include:

  • Donde – where
  • Baño – bathroom
  • Cuanto – how much
  • Que es esto – what is this
  • Como se dice – how do you say
  • Ayuda – help
  • Seguros – Insurance such as Mexican auto insurance online

Although proper grammar might be challenging for a novice, you can get many ideas across with these basic terms. If you have a roadside emergency, you will be happy to know that your car insurance policy provides bilingual help on the phone. A Mexico insurance quote that includes roadside support is recommended to ensure that you aren’t stuck without intelligible assistance. Review your options to ensure that your car insurance policy also includes coverage for issues such as legal representation, bail assistance, and medical emergencies.

Mexican auto insurance online from Mexican Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance for peace of mind!


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