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The southern migration of gray whales from the Arctic to warmer waters near the tip of Baja is in full swing and should continue through the middle of January. However, the El Niño season this year may make it difficult to see much activity in states like Oregon. For a more comfortable view of the creatures, you might want to consider traveling south to a spot like Cabo San Lucas. For a safe and well-protected driving vacation, you will need Mexico insurance for travel. You can buy Mexican insurance coverage easily from your home computer as you identify your destination and create an itinerary.

Underwater selfie with a friend. Scuba diver and shark in the deep sea.

Time Your Travel for Optimum Viewing Opportunities

Mid-December is the beginning time for migration, which will continue for several weeks. Even if you don’t want to head into the southern parts of Baja, you may be able to get a great view in more northern cities of Baja Norte. Ensenada, for example, offers whale excursions for those who want to see the creatures up close. Prime viewing time in more southern cities begins in mid-January and continues through the early part of March. You may want to time your trip to avoid the spring break activity in more touristy cities and towns. You can also consider those northern viewing locations in Baja again. This you can do as the whales begin their journey north in the early spring months. Mid-April tends to be the end of the season.

Plan Your Mexico Insurance for Travel

Just as timing matters for a successful whale viewing trip, planning is important for obtaining reliable Mexico insurance for travel. You may be tempted to cut costs when you buy Mexican insurance coverage by selecting a liability-only policy. However, you might also ignore factors such as fixed deductibles, medical evacuation, and roadside emergency assistance. A Mexico insurance for travel that includes support features for medical and driving emergencies is valuable because it may save you precious time in communication challenges and accessing help. Legal support with your Mexico insurance for travel is also critical. Even if you don’t expect to be in an accident, having access to bilingual legal professionals provides peace of mind for the what-ifs of vacation.

Mexico insurance for travel through Mexican Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance and legal throughout Mexico at no additional charge.


Common Sense Whale Watching Tips in Baja and Mexican auto insurance online


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  • Xenia Poindexter
    January 26, 2016 4:55 pm

    There are times that watching whales take time to wait because they don’t immediately show up in the water. It takes patience before seeing these sea creatures.

  • Debrah Archer
    February 9, 2016 4:40 pm

    Whale viewing experience depends on the condition of the sea and the climate, or how far or near these creatures are from the coast. Driving to Mexico is protected as long as you have your Mexico auto insurance.

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