Three Ways to Get Help on a Mexican Highway and Mexican Car Insurance for Highways

Mexican Car Insurance for Highways

Mexico Toll Road – Ensenada

Mexican Car Insurance for Highways and  Three Ways to Get Help on a Mexican Highway 

Foreigners driving in Mexico may enjoy the scenic qualities of remote highways, but a breakdown or medical incident can be frustrating or even frightening. Even if you will be driving in a busy area in Mexico, Mexican car insurance for highways is a priority for legal and financial reasons. If you do have vehicle trouble, your Mexican auto insurance for driving could be of use. Following are three ways to get help if you have car trouble in a remote area. Just remember you now need Mexican car insurance for highways in order to drive on all toll roads in Mexico.

Woman placing emergency warning triangle sign on road by her broken car

1. Help Signs

If you have paper and a marker in your vehicle, you could make a sign that indicates your need for ayuda, the Spanish word for help. You could also stand outside of your vehicle and wave down a passing motorist for help. Alternately, you might want to put your hood up and stare despairingly at the engine to convey your desperation. However, being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a stranded vehicle could be an invitation for trouble if the wrong type of help arrives. Exercise a bit of caution if you are going to flag down ayuda, and be careful to drive during daylight hours to minimize your risks.

2. Hike

Another option is to walk to the nearest town, helpful if you aren’t too far from the last town or the next town on the route. If you are going to do this, it is wise to carry drinking water with you. You do need to realize that you run the risk of vandalism or theft with a vehicle that is left alone on the highway. Although your car might be disabled, theft of parts is a concern. Occasions such as this are good reasons to think about expanding your Mexican car insurance for highways to include coverage for both partial theft and vandalism. Full-coverage Mexican auto insurance for driving does include protection against total theft, but some providers of such coverage allow for an expanded option to address partial theft and vandalism incidents.

3. Contact Support for Your Mexican Car Insurance for Highways

The best options in Mexican auto insurance for driving accommodate your needs during a roadside emergency, allowing for help with tire changes, extra gasoline, a jump, or towing. All you need to do if you have the right coverage and break down is make a simple phone call for help.

 Mexican Car Insurance for Highways from comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge

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  • Mauro Carnley
    June 22, 2015 5:40 pm

    Mexican highways can be risky especially if you’re not used to knowing their road signs. Immediate help can come from your Mexican insurance company. Anytime of the day or night, you can expect quick help and support.

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