Things to think about when camping in Mexico!

If you want to go on an easy, affordable getaway, it’s hard to beat a camping trip in Mexico. As long as you live close to Mexico, you can plan this trip with ease. The key is being able to drive, and you will need online Mexican insurance policy to drive safely south of the border. You will need to check Mexican auto insurance rates at whether you’re driving a car or an RV. If you’re going to drive an RV and haul a car, you’ll need two valid Mexico car insurance policies. Learn more below.

Insurance is key

You can save a ton of cash by camping in Mexico. Hotel accommodations are usually the most expensive part of any south-of-the-border vacation, so camping is a very affordable alternative. Camping is wildly popular down in Mexico, so you’ll have plenty of places to pitch a tent or park an RV for the night. If you drive an RV and haul a car, you’ll need an online Mexican insurance policy with liability-only coverage for hauling the car and another full-coverage policy for driving the car. Be careful when checking Mexican auto insurance rates

Where to stay

It should come as no surprise that you can find out just about everything you need to know about camping in Mexico online. There are websites that are totally dedicated to the topic of camping in Mexico. Many Americans and Canadians go camping south of the border, so it’s easy to find advice about it online. Scout out some places online before you hit the road, seeing as how you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without a place to stay.

What to bring

While you’ll want to bring along enough supplies to be comfortable while camping, you don’t want to go too crazy. When you go through customs, you will have a hard time if your car or RV is completely crammed full of stuff. If you are stopped for a search, it will take forever. With that in mind, pack with care. Stick to the essentials. In addition to making it easier to get across the border, it will make it easier to pack and unpack while on the road.

Mexican car insurance policy

Camping in Mexico

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  • Matthew Bevan
    July 1, 2013 5:41 pm

    Camping is not only exciting, but also a great way to save on accommodation costs. And, insurance is the key to take a safe driving trip on your RV or car.

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