San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez

A trip to San Felipe promises to be one of a kind, beginning with the journey itself. With good roads either through Ensenada or the Coretz sea route. Touring San Felipe is more convenient with a car which can be hired from Mexico City. With the heat, walking around can be quite an up hill task for most visitors. Buying Mexican auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online saves you vacation money and a lot more in case of medical or mechanical emergency.

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One of San Felipes main attractions is the Sea of Cortez. The shore of this sea is usually a beehive of activity as you expect to find many people doing lots of things. First this sea boasts of an estimated 800 species of fish, and lucky enough most of them can be seen from close to the shore. Viewing fish is therefore a must on the list.

There are numerous fishing opportunities either by boat or just at the shore. There are also horses available for riding along the beach for a fee offered by San Felipe locals. The average fee for a 40 to 50 minute ride is about $7 to $10.

If horse back riding doesn’t sound like fun, you can hire a banana boat. Kids love the experience of being thrown off into the water which is what makes it such a thrilling experience. Trying to hold onto the boat and ensuring that you manage to stay in the boat is all part of the fun. This ride also gives you a full upper body work out as you engage your muscles when trying to hang on.

San Felipe’s night life is also enjoyable. One can always join the festivities at the Malecon boardwalk. Where you are bound to find people partying the night away. Activities are in full gear here as there are street performers, locals hanging out and also street vendors.

The Malecon is also a nice place to stroll about during the day. San Felipe is also home La Virgen de Guadalupe shrine, located on a hill. Hill climbing enthusiasts can therefore climb the hill to the shrine and also enjoy the panoramic view of San Felipe down below. The shrine also has a light house which stands tall into the sky that can be seen working at night. It’s also a great place to take pictures from. Visit San Felipe Mexico for more information!

Mexican insurance and San Felipe Attractions

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