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Bull Friendly Fights

Mexican Automobile Insurance and The Truth About Bull-friendly Fights In Mexico

Bulls, matadors and a lively crowd make for an exciting day at Mexican bullfights, also known as corridas. While bullfights are not for everyone, there are many people who would like to attend one of these events, but object to the unfortunate outcome for the bull. Fear not, there is a unique option available for people interested in attending a real Mexican bullfight where the bull is celebrated and his life is preserved.

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The Truth About Bull-friendly Fights In Mexico

In popular tourist areas, traditional bullfights are held; mostly to generate income from visitors interested in the experience. To see a bull-friendly fight, travelers will have to venture off the beaten path into more rural areas during religious festivals.

These major festivals are led by a religious procession followed by a bullfight. Imagine how cranky you would be if your belt was too tight. This is just the way the bull feels in a non-lethal bullfight.

Respecting all forms of life on religious holidays, villagers in non-touristy areas hold bullfights where there are no injuries to the bulls and usually the same outcome for the matadors.

A tight rope is placed round the bull’s middle to get him angry which causes him to buck as he maneuvers his way around the arena; hoping the movements will untie his rope. Matadors act as if a real bullfight is occurring but cause no injury to the bull. They wear flamboyant costumes and perform an artistic dance only trained matadors perform.

When their performance is over, the bull’s rope is untied and it returns to its pasture. Festivities go on and the bull is free to rest until next feast day’s performance.  If interested in a family-friendly event, this is one of the best cultural events to attend. Visitors can experience all of the happenings of a bullfight and leave the event feeling good that no bulls, and hopefully matadors, were harmed during the performance.

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The Truth About Bull-friendly Fights In Mexico and Mexican Automobile Insurance

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