The State of Oaxaca, Mexico – Driving With Mexican Auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance


Mexican Auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance

Oaxaca, Mexico

Driving With Mexican Auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance – The State of Oaxaca, Mexico

The Mexican government does not honor foreign auto policies so if you are considering driving to Oaxaca, you should obtain Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance The cost of quality Mexican car insurance coverage is minimal when you consider that if you are in an auto accident in Mexico and are driving without Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance , you will be jailed until verification that payment for the accident and all related costs can be made. Related costs could include compensation for the people involved in the accident as well as the support of their families while they are recuperating. Mexican car insurance through companies authorized to sell policies is important. To save time, money and frustration in order to find the best Mexican car insurance coverage, review and compare A+ rated Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance coverage to suit your individual needs. Visit Mexican auto insurance by Mexican Insurance for quality Mexican car insurance.

The state of Oaxaca has many natural sites to see beyond the beaches, which are spectacular.  Some of those sites are around the mountainous areas of the country, as well as internally.  Here are some sites you might enjoy visiting:

Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca, which houses valuable pieces of Mixtec and Zapotec origin, two of the original cultures of the area.  It also has artifacts from throughout the region’s history, including the time of the Aztecs, the occupation of the Spanish, and some treasures from some of today’s indigenous cultures.

The coffee plantations of Santa Maria Huatulco, San Miguel del Puerto and Pluma Hidalgo, which are located around Huatulco Bay, where people can learn about all aspects of cultivating one of the world’s favorite beverages

There are so many beautiful temples throughout the area.  There’s the Santo Domingo Temple in the city of Oaxaca, which is a Catholic temple, but throughout the country there are many temples, both religious and secular, as many temples were created to pay tribute to the Aztecs.  In some areas, temples are still the tallest buildings around.

Whether turtles are your thing or not, you might be fascinated by visiting the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga, the only center in the world dedicated to tortoises.  You will learn all about tortoises, see exhibits of all the species in the world, including the 9 indigenous to Mexico, as well as other turtles, and learn more about why they’re an endangered, and thus, a protected species.

There are also three festivals and celebrations that are traditionally held in the state of Oaxaca.  One is known as the Guelaguetza, which comprises the first two Mondays after July 16th.  This celebration takes place in many towns throughout Oaxaca, and is a tribute to the state and all the independent cultures contained within.  Another is known as El Día de los Muertos, or “day of the dead,” which is a holiday celebrating friends and family members who are no longer with us.  The final festival is known as La noche de los rábanos, or “night of the radishes,” which is held on December 23rd of each year.  What people do is find the largest radishes they can and carve them into anything they can think of.  It’s one of the oldest traditions in the country, with some estimates saying it began in the 16th century.

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The State of Oaxaca, Mexico – Driving With Mexican Auto Insurance by Mexican Insurance


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