The Secrets of Taxi Travel in Mexico!

Taxi in mexico.

We all know that you cant believe everything you read or hear on the Internet, and as leading purveyors of Mexican insurance we wanted to shed some light on the stories published online about taxi travel and international tourists in Mexico. While some of these stories are true, others are simple mistakes blown out of proportion.

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For international travelers trying to hail a cab in Mexico, there are some easy ways to ensure safety while enjoying a taxi ride to a local destination or restaurant. These travel tips will help you stay as safe as possible, and will help to keep your Mexican vacation going along as planned.

Always ask the hotel or resort to call for a taxi.

It is widely considered unsafe to hail your own taxi from the street in Mexico. Tourists have no way to knowing whether the taxi service pulling up to the curb is an official, approved service or just a local resident trying to make a few dollars from a tourist. Instead, hotels and resorts can call ahead for a taxi. When the service arrives, your name along with the service information, taxi number and destination will all be recorded. If something were to go awry, local officials would have access to this information.

Keep only small amounts of cash on-hand.

You are a traveler in a foreign land, and you are not looking to buy the Taj Mahal while you travel around so leave the bulk of your money in a hotel safe, and take what you need to pay for small incidentals (the rest can easily be covered by a debit/credit or gift cards. When traveling by taxi, keep only small amounts of money on-hand. Be discreet. When the taxi stops, pull out just enough money to cover the fare and a small tip without revealing all the cash in your wallet or purse.

If nothing else, use common sense when traveling to Mexico. Do not flash jewelry, money, or boast about your worth. With a little forethought, its simple to stay safe in Mexico, and we invite you to enjoy the greatness of this top destination.

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