The History of Mexicos Diverse Populations!

Just as each countrys populations are a mix of different ethnic groups, Mexicos is no different. Beginning with the Meso-Americans, the indigenous people are the first true native Mexican people. Before the arrival of Spanish Conquistadors, one of Mexicans largest native cities, Tenochtitlan had a population of almost three million people. Disease, enslavement and suicide reduced the population almost to the point of extinction.

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By 1570, 10,000 whites had settled in Mexico. These Peninsulares considered themselves an ethnic group that had pure European (Spanish) blood. As populations expanded, the Criollos were the next generation of Spanish settlers. Criollos had Spanish European ancestry but were born in Mexico. Settlers had no problem importing 20,000 African slaves to work side by side with captured natives. Whether by choice or by force, these people began to mix with other races which resulted in new ethnic groups. By the close of the Sixteenth Century, there were over 15,000 people living in Mexico of mixed ancestry. As a result of these encounters, three new ethic groups emerged: Mestizos, Mulattos and Zambos. Mestizos had Indian and Spanish ancestry, Mulattos had African and Spanish ancestry and Zambos had African and Indian ancestry. For a time, Indian numbers plummeted but regained strength by the Nineteenth Century.

In fact, their numbers were a strong 3.5 million, while European descendants numbers remained steady. Other mixed ancestry groups managed to increase their numbers to more than two million. By the time of the Mexican Revolution, the Mexico’s native people began to experience losses. Once comprising more than half of Mexicos population, native groups again dwindled to less than 30%. Today, Indian numbers are even smaller, as Mestizos account for one-half to three-quarters of Mexicos population. While known as one Mexican people today, all of these ethnic groups survived and their descendants, along with Peninsulares, Criollos and immigrant populations combined to form today’s Mexican people. The History of Mexicos Diverse Populations and Mexican Car Insurance.

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