The Festival de Mexico!

Mexico City, Mexico – October 29, 2016: Day of the dead parade in Mexico city. The Day of the Dead is one of the most popular holidays in Mexico.

The countrys most important festival descends upon Mexico City every March for 17 days. This festival was created more than 25 years ago to help prevent the deterioration of the nations capital city, and remains today as one of the most important cultural events in the country.

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It was originally named the Festival de Primavera (Spring Festival) but has since changed its name. All in all, the festivals creators have been pleased with how it has helped to revitalize the downtown area of Mexico City. This downtown is North Americas largest, and had suffered in recent years from a decline in visitors, due to the fear of crime. However, dont be deterred, this festival is still in full flair and provides a great party in a location that is trying hard to improve its global image.

One of the things that make the Festival de Mexico so popular is its wide range of events. All events are held downtown, but a variety of venues are used, including churches, city streets and theatres. There are operas, childrens activities and art exhibits, but one of the largest and most popular categories is Electronic Arts. This part of the festival includes exhibitions, conferences, workshops, all designed to provide information and reflection upon new media and technology, and how they affect our society.

The Festival de Mexico works with neighboring colleges and universities to bring together musicians, students, artists and teachers from the United States and Mexico and offers amazing concerts to the general public. City residents and worldwide travelers walk from each unique area to enjoy cultural, artistic and delicious gastronomic delights. Of course people watching and boutique shopping are in full force.

Entire local families including all the children and grandparents are often in attendance and all the restaurants participate in one way or another to help make Festival de Primavera (Spring Festival) a special event. We understand because the festival has grown into a very large highly anticipated 16 day event, the authorities changed the name of the festival to “Festival de Mexico”.

The 2010 Festival de Mexico runs from March 11-28. Full program details can be reviewed on and throughout the internet.

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