The Famous Tolantongo Canyon Mexico Heated Natural Pools!

Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Are you traveling through the Mexican state of Hidalgo? Do you want to refresh your soul with scenic nature and by dripping in the fresh waters? No one would say no to this soothing and adventurous opportunity. You must be wondering, where you can get rivers and resort area in Hidalgo. Tolantongo is the place where you can drench yourself in the waters of canyon, excurse through grottos and spend time with nature in ecological zone.

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Tolantongo Canyon is just few kilometers away from city of Pachuca. After enjoying incredible sight seeing in Pachuca, visit Tolantongo to admire grottos. American and Canadian travelers visit the area especially to excurse through grottos. Karst Cave is one of the largest grottos, you will find in Tolantongo. There is a volcanically heated river in the cave. You will also come across tunnel which is 15 meters deep. Once you go down into the tunnel, showers of warm waters will welcome you. Tolantongo is one of the top choices of adventure enthusiasts as it features great variety of outdoor activities such as rappelling, spelunking and hiking. Heated pools are another attraction of Tolantongo Canyon and you can find them at the bottom of the steep box canyon.

Apart from heated pools, you will also find fresh pools where you can swim along with your friends and family. They are not too deep and therefore, safe for swimming. The area is known for it tranquility which makes it one of the more perfect destinations for honeymooners. While you feel the serenity of nature sitting by the breathtaking waterfalls, you will find soothing sound of water falling from the mountains. Tolantongo Canyon is home to a river with same name. You might not be able to resist diving into the warm and enticing indigo blue waters of the river. The resort area also features an ecological zone.

There are several rock formations in and around the zone. Once you reach at the higher elevations, you will find pine tress in addition to cactuses and semi-arid vegetation. Rugged peaks are full of biodiversity. Flora lovers from Canada and American prefer visiting the Canyon to explore rare species of plants such as Yucca, Mesquite, Raccoons, Gumbo-limbos and hooded skunks.

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