The Drawbacks of Renting a Car in Mexico!

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One of the biggest perks of driving your own vehicle into Mexico is that you can protect yourself with a first-rate Mexican insurance Store policy before you cross the border. Better still, you can obtain that policy via the Internet, saving yourself a lot of time and frustration. Best of all, that policy will be transmitted to the appropriate authorities in Mexico in just seconds. When you rent a car after arriving in Mexico, though, you usually cant use Internet-based Mexico Insurance. Although your US or Canadian plated vehicle have some coverage with a carrier that may or may not be financially strong, youre not going to enjoy the savings you will get while driving around the country in your own vehicle. Mexican Insurance for rental cars in Mexico costs up to $35 per day which is on top of the normal car rental fees and you do not get to pick the carrier. Car rental agencies in Mexico oftentimes pick local insurers (many unrated) to underwrite their car rental fleets meaning if there is a claim it might be harder to collect.

Renting a Car in the U.S. and Taking it into Mexico

Sometimes, people think that its safer and smarter to rent a vehicle in the U.S. and drive it over the border. While you may have legitimate reasons for doing this, its ultimately going to be a lot more expensive. After all, you may need to show proof of ownership when driving a car into Mexico. In addition to having quality Mexican auto insurance, then, youll need registration or a title in order to prove that the car is rightfully in your possession. The only way to get around that requirement, with a rental, is by obtaining written permission from the car rental agency – and that just adds one more thing for you to do. Drawbacks of Renting a Car in Mexico

One Way to Protect Yourself

Without a doubt, driving your own vehicle into Mexico – and protecting yourself with a quality Mexico insurance policy – is the best way to go. If theres no way for you to do this – for instance, if you do not have a car – there is a way to protect yourself while driving south of the border. Your rental car will come with some degree of protection, but you should rent it with a major credit card and make sure that the credit card company will cover certain losses.

Cut to the Chase with Quality Car Insurance for Mexico

The simplest, most cut-and-dry way to visit Mexico – and to drive around it freely and without worry – is by securing a Mexican auto insurance policy online from an experienced provider prior to leaving. Although you may feel leery about bringing your own vehicle into Mexico, the truth is that it is perfectly safe to do so – as long as you are protected. Thanks to the Internet, purchasing such a policy couldnt be easier. Rates are also surprisingly affordable (50% of what you would pay for a rental vehicle of the same value), too, making it that much easier to do so without worry. In the end, youll have a much better time exploring this amazing country.

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