The Best Tortillas and Mexican Insurance Coverage For Travelers

Although Mexican insurance coverage for travelers doesn’t assure you of finding Mexico’s best tortillas, it does enable you to search safely and responsibly. Tortilla culture may not be a massive deal to the everyday resident of Mexico, but damages suffered in a car accident could be a significant setback for anyone. Your Mexico insurance for cars serves as proof of your ability to financially compensate an injured party if you are responsible for their damages in a car accident.

Flour or Corn Tortillas?

As you may have noticed in Latino stores or grocery sections at home, tortillas can vary quite a bit in size, flavor, freshness, and thickness. This is equally true south of the border. For example, you may not like corn tortillas with a grainy texture. You may not realize that many corn tortillas sold in Mexico are far from coarse in texture. Similarly, you might presume that a flour tortilla is ready to eat based on your experiences at home. However, a semi-cocida tortilla can be an excellent option. Unfortunately, it could take the expertise of a Mexican child to inform you that you are eating a partially cooked tortilla.

Mexican insurance coverage for travelers and Mexico insurance for cars serve as vital safety documents. This is so that you can drive anywhere in Mexico with peace of mind.

Pick up tortillas for making a simple meal or use them as an afternoon snack. In addition, you can select hot corn tortillas from an ice chest in just about any tiendita in the nation. However, you might luck out and have the opportunity to enjoy homemade tortillas in the home of an acquaintance or friend. A common request of foreigners is cooking lessons or recipe sharing. However, you may find that every cook has a slightly different variation. For example, use manteca vegetal in animal lard or a combination of flour and maíz to create a hybrid. This makes two types of tortillas, and you may be in for both a treat and a surprise.

Safe Travel and Safe Eating with Mexican insurance coverage for travelers

Getting to your favorite tortillería or taquería isn’t worth risking your financial stability. Be sure that your Mexico insurance for cars is up to date before you cross the border. Even a quick border trip could be disastrous if your Mexican insurance coverage for travelers has lapsed.

Mexican insurance coverage for travelers through comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge.


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  • Zachariah Koeppel
    September 30, 2015 6:09 pm

    Flour tortillas are widespread in Mexico northern states. From there, Mexicans still prepare their traditional recipe tortillas.

  • To avoid getting disappointed when you’re craving for the traditional flour tortillas, go to a Mexican restaurant that specializes in fresh-made corn tortillas.Just remember Mexican insurance.

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