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Cancun Spring Break 2016 – Student City

If you are looking to visit Mexico and have your travel dollar stretched further, consider visiting during the off-season. Mexico experiences its seasonal tourist peaks during the months of July, August and September. It also has an influx of college-aged tourists during the Spring Break season.

Depending on whether desired, if looking to perform walking tours and outdoor activities; Mexico does experience noticeably cooler weather in the winter, but only in the northern parts of the country. Southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula maintain a rather constant temperature year-round. Also, if rain is a concern, the northern part of Mexico is much drier than the southern part.

Because many of Mexico’s attractions have been long-standing, visiting any time of year will ensure admittance. Attraction hours may be more limited during the off-season, but the money saved on vacation costs will allow travelers to mix more with the “real Mexico,” and experience its fine arts, foods, shopping, and sporting events.

Mexican football stadium

Mexican football stadium

By visiting during the off-season, travelers can take advantage of reduced crowds. This will help tourists get a better deal on most attractions and can help visitors score better seats. From viewing Mexican dances, films and musical performances, use this time to experience the country from a local’s point of view. This includes sporting events like Mexican Football, (soccer), baseball, and Charreada, the national sport of Mexico.

If able to, narrow down your hotel search to several hotels and wait to book them. You may be able to negotiate a great last-minute deal. Likewise, if looking for an all-inclusive vacation, price each item separately, as it may cost less to take advantage of off-season pricing. Book your stay for Sunday-Thursday and try to fly on a Saturday or on a late-night flight. By saving money and experiencing fewer crowds, your Mexican vacation will be twice as enjoyable. If you are planning to drive into Mexico make sure to purchase your Mexican vehicle insurance policy first before making the trip because US and Canadian insurance policies are not valid in Mexico.

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