The Best Time to Cross the Border to Mexico!

Tijuana Highway, Mexico.

Driving down into Mexico is a great way to save yourself some money. Its also a lot more flexible than taking a bus or another form of transportation. That being said, the biggest obstacle or hurdle to driving down to Mexico is getting across the border. As a law-abiding citizen, you shouldnt have anything to worry about; as long as you have the right paperwork handy, dealing with the authorities will be easy. One thing that could trip you up, though, is a really long line. When’s the best time to cross the Mexican border? Read below to learn more.

Avoid a Double Line with Online Mexican Insurance

Waiting in one line at the border is bad enough. If you wait to check Mexican insurance rates until youre at the border, youll probably have to wait in another one. Instead, buy your Mexican insurance online ahead of time. Once you get through the regular line, you will get to skip the line for Mexico insurance auto liability. Besides, buying Mexican insurance is super easy. Just go online and find a reputable Mexican insurance provider. In a few minutes, you will be ready to go.

Early Morning Border Crossings

One great way to avoid major lines at the U.S.-Mexico border is by crossing early in the morning. If you dont live near the border, stay in a hotel thats within a few minutes from the border. Wake up at 5 am and head out. Youre sure to be pleasantly surprised by how quiet the border crossing will be at that ridiculously early hour. Of course, theres still a chance of a line; however, it will never be nearly as bad as it can get around 7am or 8am.

Cross in the Late Afternoon

Another decent option is to cross the border in the early afternoon. This can be a little risky, though, since rush hour sometimes kicks in early. Most of the time, though, timing your crossing for around noon or 1pm is a good idea. This is the second best option next to waking up super early and crossing then. If you’re not a morning person, you might want to consider crossing into Mexico a little before normal rush hour. Most of the time, you will be happily surprised by how quiet things are at the border at that time. Depending on where you are crossing, your wait to get into Mexico can vary from driving right through which is common to just a few minutes.

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