Mexican car insurance – Touring Mexican Churches; Proper Dress Is Imperative

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As diverse as Mexico’s people are, most are conservative Roman Catholics. Even if you are not a member of the Catholic faith, visitors touring Mexican churches must follow common courtesies and respect the customs of the Mexican people; especially in more rural areas. As a guest in their place of worship, Mexicans expect visitors to learn all they can about what is acceptable and expected from them before setting out on a non-service, church visit.

Beginning with the proper dress, it is important not to wear anything that conservative Mexican Catholics would find offensive or immodest. Shorts (both men and women), mini-skirts, shirts without sleeves, sandals and other open footwear, and other questionable apparel should be saved for another time. Even if visiting a church as a guest is interested in the building’s interior or exterior façade, dress codes must be adhered to.

Out of respect, and if available, women may want to bring a scarf and wear it as a sign of humility before entering the church. On the other hand, men who have a covered head will want to remove all head coverings (hats, bandannas, visors) when walking up to the church and keep them off until out of the church’s direct path. To sum that statement up, men should have uncovered heads anywhere in the church’s immediate vicinity.

Mexican churches are not like churches back home. While “Sunday best” attire is not required at these Catholic churches, conservative attire is. This means in warm Mexico since clothing can not be revealing, it must be lighter. Choose natural cotton fabrics and wear light-colored clothing as most Mexican churches are not air-conditioned. This dress code may seem like a bit of an inconvenience, but for travelers who follow these practices, you will earn the respect of the Mexican people for following their cultural guidelines.

Because many travelers want to be prepared for their vacations, they ready themselves weeks ahead of time writing lists and ensuring each necessary item is packed. What happens though, if, upon arrival, your personal electronic devices are inoperable? Anticipating all of your travel needs also requires learning about Mexico’s voltage and electrical operations.

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