The Benefits of Mexican Insurance!

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These days, there are many options available when it comes to buying insurance for driving in Mexico. Since U.S.- and Canada-based insurance policies are null and void south of the border, it is essential to invest in this important type of protection. Without the right insurance, you could find yourself sitting in jail in Mexico for an indeterminate length of time. Such an incident could end up costing you thousands of dollars – and it will certainly derail and ruin your Mexican vacation. While most people buy insurance policies that provide coverage for a single vehicle with multiple drivers, you may need coverage for driving several different cars; in that case, driver’s license-based insurance may be just the thing for you. (although its expensive and comes with many restrictions)

Understanding Mexican Insurance

The premise behind driver’s license-based Mexican insurance is simple: It’s Mexican auto insurance that provides coverage for one named driver, regardless of which vehicle he uses. (This is not a good idea if you are taking a long trip however!) Of course, there are exceptions; be sure to read the fine print before buying this kind of Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store. For instance, vehicles with Mexican plates are usually exempt. Still, knowing that your Mexican auto insurance is in effect while you drive various vehicles might be OK. As long as you don’t need coverage for multiple drivers, this type of Mexican car insurance is an option.

Simplify the Logistics of Your Trip

When you plan a week-long – or weeks-long – vacation to Mexico, you increase the odds that youre going to need to drive  while youre there in order to see everything. Restricting yourself is no fun. If you don’t have quality Mexican insurance, your hands will be tied. Even if it’s just a short jaunt, driving an uninsured vehicle is a recipe for disaster. Why risk it, when quality Mexican auto insurance will protect in all of Mexico no matter what ?

Know the Conditions

Mexican Insurance for US and Canadian tourists driving into Mexico is sold at discounted rates by Mexican Insurance and  is only valid for the use of cars that originate in the United States. In other words, you can’t drive a car with Mexican plates and enjoy coverage. The car that you use has to either be a car that’s registered in the States, or it has to be a rental car that was rented in the U.S. If you rent a car in Mexico, this type of insurance won’t be of any use to you. By knowing the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, you can reduce the risk of having a claim rejected at some point. Educate yourself and your trip will go off without a hitch!

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