The Benefits of Driving to Mexico!

Girl holding Mexican Flag from the open car window.

For the sake of saving time, many people choose to fly into Mexico. While this is understandable in situations where time is extremely limited, it also presents many drawbacks. Most significantly, plane tickets are anything but cheap. Airfare can take a considerable chunk from your allotted travel budget. By driving into Mexico, you can save oodles of money that can be spent in more exciting ways.

Pay for Mexican Auto Insurance and Be On Your Way

Unlike airline tickets, there aren’t a lot of fees, taxes and other expenses involved in buying Mexican auto insurance at In fact, Mexican car insurance costs only a fraction of what airfare for a whole family would normally cost. Even with gas prices on the rise, driving into Mexico is an economical choice. The savings are enhanced by the fact that you can buy Mexican insurance online. Some people will tell you that cheap Mexican car insurance is available at the border; while that is true, it’s often not as great of a deal as it appears. For best results, buy your Mexican insurance online from a reputable provider.

The Cheap Way to Travel as a Family

Buying a single airline ticket is one thing; buying tickets for the whole family is another one altogether. Unlike flying, the cost doesn’t go up when you drive into Mexico as a family. Whether you have a minivan, a crossover, an SUV or even a sedan, you’re going to get a lot more bang for your buck when you drive into Mexico together. Even if you have to take pit stops at hotels along the way, your total bill is going to be a lot less than it would be if you had flown. While driving into Mexico may take a little longer, it also affords you a lot of extra freedom. Along the way, you can check out new places that you’d otherwise never get to see. When you weigh the pros and cons of driving versus flying, you’re sure to see that the latter option simply doesn’t stack up.

Enjoy Plenty of Togetherness

During our hectic day-to-day lives, many of us have limited opportunities to hang out together as families. When you jump in the car and head down to Mexico, though, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of quality time together. Once you arrive at your destination, each person can unwind on his or her own if they are tired of being in such close quarters. Chances are, though, that the whole family will want to hit the pool, beach or hiking trail together. After all, a trip to Mexico is a great way to create new memories as a family.

Trade Sonoma for the Wine Region of Mexico!

If you live in California and love wine, you’ve undoubtedly spent plenty of time in the Sonoma region. After all, it is one of the most famous wine regions in the United States. By crossing the border, though, you can experience a whole other world of exceptional wines. Mexico’s Baja Peninsula is awash in exceptional wine-growing areas; the best ones can be found around Ensenada, which is a very short drive from San Diego. If you’re ready to broaden your wine horizons, a trip to Baja is definitely in order.

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