Senor Mex Says: While I realize that this post isnt about Mexican auto insurance online per se, it does contain a lot of useful information about the process of filing and handling car insurance claims in general. After reading it, I felt like I needed to take the opportunity to highlight the importance of handling Mexican auto insurance claims properly. Special considerations have to be made when it comes to filing a claim on a Mexico auto insurance policy. Most notably, it is essential to file your claim while you are still south of the border. If you wait until you are back in the U.S. or Canada, you could left high and dry. Also, make sure to select an insurance policy that gives you the option of having repairs done in the U.S. Otherwise, you could end up sitting in Mexico waiting for your vehicle to be repaired, which would be very annoying.

Auto Insurance California Post

“Filing a complaint has to directed to the appropriate location. Complaints that involves auto insurance coverage firms need to be forwarded to the California Department of Insurance coverage. But complaints that consists of vehicle repairs does not below the regulation of the California Department of Insurance coverage but need to rather be forwarded to the Bureau of automotive fix.”

Read the entire Auto Insurance California post. Do your homework when buying Mexican auto insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store so that you dont get burned.

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