Teotihuacan – Mexico’s City Of The Gods

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Mexican Insurance for Teotihuacan – Mexico’s City Of The Gods

Teotihuacan in Nahuatl has been named ‘City of Gods’.  It is situated around 30 miles north of Mexico City and is a large, important city linked to the pre-Aztec era.  If you are interested in ancient ruins, this is one the most remarkable ruins you will see in Mesoamerica.

This city was once the center of commerce and culture and the Aztecs believed that the universe was created by the gods within this city.  They thought of it as a sacred place that was filled with legends and myths of their ancestors.  The main road, which runs directly through the center of Teotihuacan, was given the name ‘Avenue of the Dead’ because the Aztecs believed it was a cemetery.

The Pyramid of the Sun

The most impressive structure within Teotihuacan is ‘The Pyramid of the Sun’.  It stands in excess of 200 feet in height, which is a challenging climb, but definitely worth the effort.  Once you reach the top, you can appreciate the beauty that surrounds you and see the entire site.  The climb up consists of 243 stairs, but you will be able to appreciate a stunning sunset when you reach it.  Legend remains that once you reach the top, you should make a wish, which will be granted.

The ‘Pyramid of the Sun’ is important because of its size, but the ‘Pyramid of the Moon’ is important because it has so many beautiful buildings which surround it.  The ‘Palace of the Jaguars’ is one of these buildings and has been reconstructed by archaeologists.  Close by, you can visit the ‘Palace of the Quetzalpapalotl’.  The image of this divine butterfly has been carved on the pillars and is representative of a butterfly which has the body of a quetzal, which is a bird.

Although experts cannot determine which ethnic group the residents of Teotihuacan belonged to, or the language they spoke, they know that this is one of the most impressive sites in Mexico.

Do Not Forget Your Mexican Insurance

This is an absolutely beautiful part of Mexico and if you intend visiting this interesting area, and you are going to drive there, you must ensure that you obtain Mexican insurance before you take to the road.  You do not want your trip to be interrupted by an accident and you are not adequately covered, or if it is your fault, you may have to spend a couple of nights in jail.

Mexico insurance is a legal requirement if you intend driving on the roads in the country.  Many people opt for liability only insurance, but you should consider the value of your vehicle before you make your final choice.  If your vehicle is still under a finance agreement, you must purchase comprehensive cover as most finance companies stipulate this in the agreement. You can purchase Mexican insurance HERE.

You should ensure that you obtain adequate liability cover for the province you intend visiting.  It is recommended that you print two copies of your policy, one in each language.  Mexican insurance can be obtained quite easily online, or you can purchase it at the border post.  However, the cost and the choice at the border are limited.

Before you head off to this interesting, stunning part of Mexico, make sure that all your paperwork is in order.

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  • I am a PhD student of ancient history specializing in Aztec history. City of Gods has been one of my study spots. With online Mexican auto insurance, it has been easy for me and my study team to visit various historic sites in Mexico without much ado.

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