Tangolunda: Mexico Luxury Vacation Spot!

Different from Mexico‘s white sand Gulf beaches, Pacific Tangolunda’s beaches have yellow sand. Travelers have their choice of visiting any one of Tangolunda’s three beaches: Playa Punta, Playa Tejoncito and Playa Conjejos. Numerous luxury resorts occupy beachfront areas and where the resorts end, a golf course takes over. When all forms of beachside development finally end, a maritime forest houses native flora and fauna.

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Travelers interested in a full range of amenities will be happy with Tangolunda’s luxury resort choices. Most have multiple pools, fitness centers and in-house restaurants. Adult recreational opportunities include: live music and disco events, tennis, golf and water sports (swimming, surfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, kite boarding), while kids’ activities like group Spanish, arts and craft instruction and kids’ clubs help keep the little ones entertained.

Guests interested in taking advantage of a full range of amenities at a lower price should look at hotels directly across the street. While not on the water, many own their own private beach. Since the resort’s beachfront access was not large enough to accommodate a hotel, these beaches will usually have their own private, guests-only cabanas. To reach the private beach, guests are always provided with a shuttle.

Many of Tangolunda’s luxury resorts are all-inclusive. This means all meals (minus alcohol), basic entertainment and children’s activities are included in a packaged price. If looking to explore the area as a couple, these types of resorts offer free childcare at kids’ clubs during normal operating hours. For couples, knowing children will be fed and cared for in a pre-paid package will eliminate the expenses involved with hiring a babysitter and booking room service.

Before booking a hotel, if traveling with children; make sure your hotel accepts children. Some luxury resorts cater only to adults and you will want to make sure there are plenty of activities to keep your kids safe, happy and occupied. Tangolunda: Mexico Luxury Vacation Spot!

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