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Whether you are ready for Easter week in Mexico or planning ahead for a summer trip, ATVs can be fun for getting around in small Baja communities or for exploring wilderness areas or beaches. You may wonder whether Mexican auto insurance online is required or available. The specifics of your plans and needs will determine whether you can obtain car insurance for Mexico for your ATVs.

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Los Cabos ATV tour

Type of ATV Activity

Most carriers don’t offer car insurance for Mexico. This means that you are typically going to be on your own. This is when it comes to covering the costs associated with any damages caused by your ATVs. You may be able to obtain insurance from some carriers, but coverage is normally limited to conventional road use. Off-road ATV activity isn’t covered. If you are concerned about being able to legally drive on the roads of a community with your ATV, car insurance for Mexico is appropriate. If you will be exploring the desert or the beach, Mexican auto insurance online isn’t going to be of much use.

Getting your ATV to and from Baja

Even if you can’t cover it, you do need to add your ATV to your car insurance for Mexico as a towed item to ensure you are legally covered in case of a related accident. A towing accident without correct towing coverage could lead to the cancellation of your policy. Indeed, that is an issue that could become both costly and legally complicated. Mexican auto insurance online includes legal representation, which could be important for dealing with officials who operate under Napoleonic code. The legal benefits of your coverage also include bail bond features.

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Does Mexican auto insurance online cover off-road activity?

Although it might be tempting to explore beaches or desert areas with your main vehicle, it is important to remember that your main coverage can be canceled for an off-road driving accident. The off-road activity could lead to accidents that don’t involve other vehicles. It is important to realize that off-road activity can be quite risky, especially in more rugged conditions. Just make sure to stay on the main roads and you’ll be fine.

Mexican auto insurance online from MexicanInsuranceStore.com includes Roadside Assistance for peace of mind!

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