Tabasco – Just One Of The Great Destinations of Mexico

Cathedral of the Tabasco state, Mexico.

When you hear the word “Tabasco,” do you think of a spicy orange or green sauce people love to put on their food, especially in the U.S.? Tabasco is really a state in Mexico, and the peppers used for making Tabasco sauce don’t actually grow in this area.

You can incorporate a visit to the state of Tabasco on your next Mexican vacation. Geographically, Tabasco rests on the coast facing the Gulf of Mexico. Known for having at least half of its total area under water, Tabasco also claims the most precipitation in all of Mexico. The Spaniards first arrived in Tabasco in the year 1518.

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Now you can visit one of the beautiful cities of the Tabasco state on the Gulf Coast. Part of your trip may include discovering long-lasting traditions of indigenous cultures, including the Olmec, the Mayans, and the Aztecs.

One famous Mexican from the Tabasco state was the poet – Carlos Pellicer. He assisted in getting the Museo de Antropologia Carlos Pellicer (anthropology museum) in Villahermosa off the ground. Some interesting tourist attractions you can also discover in Villahermosa are: the Zocalo Main Square, the Government Palace, and The Temple (also known as “La Conchita”).

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